Hi, my name is Sally Horn, I'm an Irish flower and decor specialist working from windy Wicklow.





I am inspired by the rhythm and form of nature in its most natural state, whether bleached wood, moss on stone walls or the way flowers enliven all our senses with scent, texture, colour, the sounds of the wind in tall grasses, or tasting the sweetness of clover. Flowers are a great source of joy and connection between people, and awaken memories and meaning in each of us.

I am a passionate supporter of the flower farmers of Ireland.



Lisianthus stock, tana daisy

Dahlia and campanula

" I must have flowers, always and always"

Claude Monet

Ranunculus and wax flower

Viburnum & Rose

Sweet rocket and calendula

"Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower"

Hans Christian Anderson

Agapanthus and sunflower


Thistle, Rose & Baby Breath

Bunches in Bottles

"There are always flowers for those who see them"

Hans Christian Anderson

Bottle display

Sunflower, Gerbera, Delphinium,

' The Amen of nature is always a flower"

Oliver Wendall Holmes



Sally's Craft

Sally's Craft